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Lauluväljak - SA Tallinna Lauluväljak, Таллинн, Харьюмаа, Эстония - EstNet - Tourism & travel information Estonia
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Lauluväljak - SA Tallinna Lauluväljak, Таллинн, Харьюмаа, Эстония

Lauluväljak - SA Tallinna Lauluväljak
Narva maantee 95, Таллинн, Харьюмаа
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The Tallinn Song Stage was built in 1959 for arranging the Song Festivals. The stage was meant to hold over 15 000 singers but it’s also possible to use it the other way – the performance will take place in front of the stage and audience is sitting on the stage. Our indoor rooms can be used as a backstage area during the concerts but those are also suitable for all kind of events, parties, concerts, banquettes, fairs, exhibitions etc. In the northern side of the song stage there is 42 m high fire tower, which is used during the famous Song Festivals. It is also opened for the public all year long. Tallinna Lauluväljaku AS was founded in 1994 as a legal successor of Puhkeparkide Direktsioon (Leisure Parks Direction) and it’s a joint venture owned by the city of Tallinn. Tallinna Lauluväljaku AS is operating and administrating the state owned territory and city owned buildings and also providing wide variety of services to its clients. Our corporations mission is to develop the territory and buildings so that it would be an attractive environment for entertainment, culture and leisure activities. Our aim is also to be an attractive sight for tourists, the best known and highly valued ground for arranging all kind of events.

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